Research Interests and Areas

My research mainly focuses on applications of distributed decision making, game theory, and control to various resource allocation and security problems in complex networked systems.

  • Game, optimization, and control theories.
  • Mechanism design, pricing, and decision making under limited information.
  • Power systems: demand management, energy markets, and risk management.
  • Security of networked systems and risk management.
  • Spectrum and resource allocation problems in communication networks.
  • Distributed machine learning.

Research Questions

The fundamental question I aim to address with my research is:
"How do we create more efficient, resilient, incentive-compatible, and secure systems?"

Towards this overarching goal, I work on these specific sub-problems:

  1. How can we analyse and design systems where multiple participants (as independent decision makers with personal preferences) interact with each other?
    Applications: networks, energy systems, resource allocation, communication.
    Methods: game theory, distributed optimisation, mechanism design.
  2. How can we analyse and quantify the role of information in decision making (optimisation, control, and game theory)?
    Applications: universally applicable.
    Methods: information theory, pattern recognition, learning, optimisation, control, game theory.
  3. How can we make security decisions and manage risks in complex systems in a principled, quantitative, and analytical manner?
    Applications: networks, critical infrastructure.
    Methods: game theory, quantitative risk models, etc.