Current Reserch Projects

  • "The role of information in game-theoretic decisions on distributed systems," ARC Discovery Project (DP), 2014-1016 as Chief Investigator (CI).
  • "The impact of the mass adoption of electric cars on the Australian electricity grid," ARC Linkage Project (LP), 2010-2014 as CI.
  • "Improving the Operation of Large-Scale Irrigation Networks through Automation," ARC LP, 2014-2016 as CI.
  • "Easing the squeeze: dynamic and distributed resource allocation with cognitive radio," ARC DP, 2014-1016 as CI, jointly with Monash University.

See the EEE Department website for additional information.

Selected Past Projects

  • Industry project ``Power Quality Management and Optimization for Business Customers with Private Local Networks,'' with 1Circle, 2014-2015, supported by VIC State Government, Australia.
  • Achieving cost effective abatement from Australian electricity generation, 2012-2014 (as Investigator), funded by Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).
  • Games and mechanisms for shaping the evolution of power grid and demand, 2013-14, as CI, funded by The University of Melbourne Interdisciplinary Research Grant.
  • Control and Game Theory for Networked System Security, 2012, (as CI), funded by The University of Melbourne Early Career Research Grant.
  • Chief Investigator (CI) )of the research project “SAGA: Spectrum Allocation Games”, which was a collaboration between Deutsche Telekom Labs and Tech. Univ. Berlin (TUB) and had received over 200 000 Euros, Jan. 2009 - Jan. 1011.
  • CI of the reseach project “NAWiS: Network Assisted Wireless Services”, which was a collaboration between Deutsche Telekom Labs, TU-Berlin, and Stanford University and had received 65 000 Euros, Nov. 2008- Sept. 2009.
  • CI of the reseach and development project “Spree: A Community-based Information Exchange Network”, which had received over 300 000 Euros of funding from Deutsche Telekom Labs, Dec. 2006-Apr. 2008. The results are published as an open-source project.
  • Team member in “Distributed Control of Trustworthy Networked Systems” jointly prepared with T. Basar. This project has ranked within the top 6 among a large number of such proposals as part of the Information Trust Institute initiative and received funding from the Boeing Company, 2005.